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Better Recruits Make Better Marines

When I went to boot camp in 2004, I saw first-hand how unprepared many recruits were. Out of the sixty or so original recruits that ‘dropped’ in our platoon, less than 40% graduated. Some didn’t even realize that the drill instructors would stress them out. Week after week we would watch recruits get injured because they didn’t train hard enough, or get set back because they couldn’t pass a knowledge test, or they just didn’t “get it.” I don’t want you to be one of those recruits. Boot camp is not a place you want to stay for six months while you heal from something that could have been prevented. You want to earn the title in 13 weeks! I promise you that this guide will provide you with information you will be SO thankful for once you get onto those yellow footprints. For $3.99, I outline the entire recruit training schedule, how to increase your running distance and speed without injury, basic weightlifting and nutrition guidelines, military customs and courtesies, and tips and tricks from my own experiences in Marine Boot Camp.

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This guide contains all of the information you need to know about Marine Basic Training as well as information about the Crucible, your Drill Instructors, and how to maintain a positive mental attitude when lacking sleep and stressed to your limits. Succeed in boot camp and be promoted above your peers for only $3.99.

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