What can I bring to Marine boot camp?

A lot of future recruits wonder what they can bring to Marine Corps boot camp. The answer is the Marine Corps will issue you everything you need, including letter writing gear and underwear. Yet when I shipped out to MCRD San Diego, a lot of recruits brought things from home they didn’t need. Books, cell phones, extra clothes, pens, paper, notebooks.

On your first day of recruit receiving, all of these things will be taken from you. Yes, even your underwear. Don’t worry, you’ll be issued new underwear, though it may not be the most comfortable stuff around.

I did my research before heading off to boot camp, so I knew that all I needed to bring were the clothes on my back and my government issued ID (driver’s license). This will all be taken from you as well, and kept in storage for the thirteen weeks you are in boot camp. You’ll get it all back at the end of recruit training.

Another note: recruits who wore Marine Corps t-shirts and sported high and tight haircuts were especially picked on during receiving. It’s great to be motivated to become a US Marine, but the lesson to be learned is that when you highlight yourself as a target, you get fired at. Get it? The more you single yourself out as an individual, the greater your chance of getting hit, in combat and in boot camp.

Marine Corps Boot Camp preparation begins the moment you step onto those yellow footprints, and the importance of working as a team, becoming a part of the team, and not trying to succeed as an individual cannot be overstated. Group performance is far more important than individual performance, and it is the ability to work within a team that will get you through boot camp relatively unscathed.

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