U.S. Marine Boot Camp is the Longest and Most Difficult of the Services

When I shipped out to Marine boot camp, I noticed a lot of recruits brought way too much stuff. They obviously hadn’t done their research, or there wasn’t sufficient information out there for them to learn what they needed to know. So here it is, the definitive list of what to bring to Marine Corps recruit training:

1. The clothes on your back.
2. A government issued picture ID.

That’s it! No really, everything else will be taken from you and locked up until you earn the title. Many recruits brought cell phones, hygiene gear like a shaving kit, shampoo, etc. But everything you need will be issued to you. The Marines want you to not have anything that was a part of your civilian identity, so you can break all those bonds and develop yourself into a new person, a United States Marine.

So there ya go, don’t really bring anything to boot camp. You’ll be fine. And wait until boot camp to get your hair cut. If you show up with a high and tight, you’ll be singled out for attention from the beginning. Trust me, you’ll have enough time on the quarterdeck without making yourself stick out the very first day.