Making Marines – A Drill Instructor Story

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Making Marines, a Drill Instructor Story is a documentary released by the Marine Corps in 2010. It gives you a sneak peek at what goes on after recruits step on the yellow footprints.

Is ‘Making Marines’ Accurate?

Sure, it’s accurate enough.

But you have to understand that there is the public relations version of the Marine Corps, and there is a lot of training that happens when cameras and reporters are not around.

Marine Corps Drill Instructors are tough. They make killers from young men. They make professional military athletes from kids who spent their youth playing sports, video games, eating too much sugar, feeling entitled to treatments they haven’t earned.

And shedding the skin of a kid to become a Marine is an unpleasant experience. Growth always is.

Marine Corps marketing is extremely good at what it does, but it also paints a rosy picture of what it means to be a U.S. Marine. You will be starting from the very bottom and earning everything: the right to use your name, the right to blouse your boots and unbutton your top button, the right to wear combat boots instead of go-fasters.

We have an unofficial motto in the Marine Corps: “Embrace the Suck.”

This means if you can fall in love with the process, fall in love with the pain, the suffering, and have some humor and humility about you — you’ll make it.

So sit back and enjoy this series!

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