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Recruits at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island do pull ups as part of the Initial Strength Test.

Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test

The purpose of the Combat Fitness Test is to test physical fitness in regards to operational needs. During combat, Marines must be able to sprint short distances, carry ammunition, and even each other if wounded. The CFT is designed to test your ability to do this.

The Combat Fitness Test consists of a movement to contact 880-yard run (all out as fast as you can go), ammo-can lifts with a 30 pound ammo can, and a “maneuver under fire.” The maneuver under fire is a high crawl and scurry, body drag 10-meters through zig-zagged cones, then a 65 yard fireman’s carry for 65 yards. Then you must carry two 30 lb ammo-cans 75 yards while weaving through cones, toss a dummy hand grenade into a target circle, perform three push-ups, then pick up the ammo cans and sprint to the finish line.

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