Marine Corps Fitness

Fitness is a way of life for United States Marines. But in the last 20 years, a lot has changed. 

The old Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test — max set of pull-ups, max crunches in 2-minutes, and a 3-mile run — is now just the base standard. There is now a Combat Fitness Test that incorporates the battle-tested fitness routines developed in the Fleet Marine Force over nearly 20 years of sustained combat.

There are also dedicated fitness trainers in each unit with an increased focus on functional and tactical fitness, and more information available about recovery, nutrition, and optimization than ever before. 

In short — there’s no better time to be a United States Marine!

Be technically and tactically proficient.

All About Marine Corps Fitness

U.S. Marine conducts a rope climb

The Marine Corps Initial Strength Test, or IST, is given to new recruits to see if they are fit enough to begin training. View the minimum standards for males and females, and the enhanced standards for combat Military Occupational Specialties.

The Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test, or PFT, is given twice a year to active duty Marines. It is the base standard of fitness for which a Marine is measured and also counts toward promotions.

The Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test, or CFT, is a functional fitness test designed with combat effectiveness in mind. It is a challenging course that tests strength, stamina, and mental fortitude. 

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Recruits from Fox Company, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, conduct pull-ups during an inventory physical fitness test at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

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One of the subjects that frequently comes up when speaking to future Marines is, “how to do more pull ups?” Well, the answer is simple. Do more pull ups. But you’ve got to be smart about it. You’ve got to use the right technique and

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Marine Corps Initial Strength Test IST

What is the Marine Corps Initial Strength Test?

The Marine Corps Initial Strength Test, or IST, is given to new recruits to ensure they are ready to begin training. Recruiters administer the test prior to enlistment, and recruits will take the test again during their first week of boot camp. The Marine Corps IST consists of pull ups, crunches, a 1.5-mile run, and for recruits training for infantry occupations, ammo can lifts.

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