Marine Corps Recruit Training

Marine Corps Recruit Training is one of the most demanding and challenging military basic trainings in the world. It consists of more than 70 “training days” in a period of 13 weeks — you’re in the fire for 13 straight weeks. 

Marine Corps Recruit Training consists of close order drill, rifle marksmanship, Marine Corps Martial Arts instruction, and classroom instruction on history, customs and courtesies, and a demanding physical fitness regimen.

Recruits undergo rigorous testing on the obstacle course and classrooms, but its culminating event — the Crucible — is a 54 hour event where recruits encounter 32 obstacles over a course of 40 miles. During the three day period, recruits only get four hours of sleep and three meals. 

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MCRD San Diego, the Marine Corps Recruit Depot is one of two training site for Marine Corps recruits.
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MCRD San Diego | The Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego is located right next to San Diego Airport. It’s only ten minutes from downtown. The base’s main mission is to train enlisted male Marine recruits from west of the Mississippi. It also houses the Marine Corps Recruiter School and

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Principles of Marine Corps boot camp

Games Marine Corps Drill Instructors Play Marine Corps Recruit Training isn’t just about physical fitness and combat play. It’s a lot about learning military discipline and bearing, and Drill Instructors use various techniques to instill discipline and punish the undisciplined. Here are a few of

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Recruits at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island do pull ups as part of the Initial Strength Test.
Marine Boot Camp

Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test

The Marine Combat Fitness Test is a semi-annual physical fitness test of the Marine Corps. The purpose of the CFT is to test a Marine’s physical readiness across a broad selection of combat-related tasks, like sprinting, carrying ammo, throwing a hand grenade, and carrying a

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