While there are many books about Marine Corps Recruit Training, nobody tells you the harsh reality — that only 40% of recruits make it through on their first attempt.

This is a big deal because the longer you take to complete recruit training, the lower your chance of success.

So how do you prepare for Marine Boot Camp? 

Believe it or not it’s not about running a fast 3-mile and doing a lot of pull-ups. 

In this book, you’re going to learn exactly what you need to survive Marine Corps Boot Camp. 


A Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor demonstrates how to properly hip throw during MCMAP sustainment training

Recruit Training Schedule

A complete breakdown of the Marine Corps Recruit Training schedule, from recruit receiving to graduation. You’ll learn about Black Friday, what sort of physical training you’ll face each week, and what training events you’ll experience.

There’s even a complete breakdown of the Crucible. Learn how to prepare for each week.

Games Drill Instructors Play

Learn why your Drill Instructors will never be satisfied with anything you do, and the games Drill Instructors play in order to find your weaknesses and force you to develop a never-quit attitude.

Learn about incentive training and the limitations (or not) of your Drill Instructor’s individual attention.

A Marine Drill Instructor corrects a recruit.
Surviving Marine Corps Boot Camp 1

How to Run Further & Faster

Never run a mile before? No problem. Learn how to run properly to avoid injury and tack on the miles like a pro.

You’ll learn all about proper running form, cadence, foot strike, and breath control.

Enlistment Requirements

What physical and educational requirements need to be satisfied in order to enlist in the Marine Corps?

What exactly does your recruiter’s background check reveal, and what conditions can be waivered?

What can you bring to Marine boot camp? The corps will issue everything you need.
Surviving Marine Corps Boot Camp 2

Strength Training & Conditioning

How to add muscle, increase your pull-ups, and develop the conditioning required for service in the Marine Corps. Included is a 12-week physical fitness program that combines strength training, running, and rucking with a weighted pack.

How to Deal With Injuries

Learn about common injuries and remedies — and how to deal with training setbacks. From sprained ankles and blisters to broken bones and stress fractures.

You’ll even learn about common running injuries and how long it will take to recover.

Surviving Marine Corps Boot Camp 3
Surviving Marine Corps Boot Camp 4

All About the Crucible

Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Marine Corps Crucible — including how much sleep you’ll get, how much hiking you’ll do, and how little sleep you’ll get. 

Knowledge is only the first step, but with this book you’ll be fully prepared for the rigors of recruit training. 



I guarantee that this book is the most comprehensive guide on how to prepare for recruit training, or your money back (I’ve read all the other guides).

As a former infantry Marine and combat veteran, it’s my mission to give you every tool possible in order for you to become a United States Marine.

Buy the guide today — you won’t regret it. 

— Mark R Perna, Fmr. Sergeant, USMC

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